What are they are saying about us!?

Kenny Graham
-Current Minor League Hitting Coordinator for the Milwaukee Brewers
-Former Minor League Hitting Coordinator Toronto Blue Jays
-10+ years of professional Coaching/Managing experience

“Britton’s Bullpen is an organization that has the right goals for creating a culture to develop winning players. The process to get in the program takes in consideration things that are important and what makes people successful throughout life. Britton’s Bullpen facilities are of the professional level. Phil utilizes his professional baseball experiences to create an environment that will help maximize players strengths and minimize their limitations.”

Jerad Eickhoff
-Current Pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies“Britton’s Bullpen instruction and overall knowledge of the game of baseball is second to none. With nearly 10 years of professional experience, Phil Britton knows exactly what’s needed to elevate the game of anyone focused and driven enough to learn and put in the work. Young ball players of all ages have an opportunity to pick the brain of a guy who’s rubbed shoulders with some of the best in the game. Not to mention, the facilities alone are the best in the area. If I had the chance as a kid to sharpen my skills at Britton’s Bullpen, I know I’d be setting myself up for success.”

Kevin Barry
-Former MLB Pitcher Atlanta Braves
-Current Midwest Region Scout Atlanta Braves
-Guest Instructor at Britton’s Bullpen

“Phil Britton and Britton’s Bullpen staff develop young men into champions. They use a professional process to achieve maximum potential in every player. No daddy ball. A great baseball environment, facility, staff and travel program.”

Andy Lasher
-Current coach at The University of Southern Indiana
-Former coach at Eastern IL University
-Former coach at Olney Central College

“Britton’s Bullpen does an outstanding job of giving its players the guidance that they need to become a better ball player. They work and focus on the most important parts of our game and do everything they can to help with individual needs. The facilities are top notch for the area and provide unlimited access to everything that an athlete would need to help improve their ability”

Ryan Cheek
-Vincennes University Grad
-Indiana State University Grad
-Current Indiana University Kokomo Pitching/Strength Coach

“Britton’s Bullpen is a relaxed and fun, yet competitive and professional facility to train and develop as an overall athlete. With knowledgable coaches and top notch resources, Phil runs a travel program that builds winners and competes highly at all levels. If you are someone looking for somewhere to develop your game to the next level, then give Phil a call. Whether it be to train or play, Britton’s Bullpen has everything your looking for.”