Welcome to Britton’s Bullpen Fort Branch, Let’s get to work!

Thank you for visiting our Britton’s Bullpen Fort Branch website! We are currently in the process of adding some new equipment, organizing, as well as providing a list of services we have to offer. Our primary service is baseball/softball instruction, but we also offer team practice time and family memberships as well.

We are excited to have Matt Racinowski join our Fort Branch staff, from our Olney location
Matt is originally from Tampa Florida, a graduate of Hudson High School.  He has spent the last 7 years in the area, coaching and training baseball/softball players at Britton’s Bullpen in Olney from 6-7u players up to high school ball high school athletes.  A student of the game, Matt was the head baseball coach for Cisne Middle School in 2014 and 2015, Assistant high school baseball coach for Cisne in 2015, and Head Coach for Cisne High School in 2016, before resigning to take on a more active roll in player development with Britton’s Bullpen.  In 2016, Matt began managing for Britton’s Bullpen beginning with our 18u club.  In 2017 he managed both our 16u and 12u ball clubs.  In 2018 Matt led our 13u ball club as well as 14u in 2019.  This year Matt will manage our 2020 16u ball team.  Matt specializes in hitting mechanics, timing, mental approach, and overall athletic development.  He also specializes in defensive fundamentals, and pitching mechanics.  Matt does an excellent job connecting with young players and creating confidence.  Matt now lives in Fort Branch, IN. Give Matt a call at 727-846-2281 to get to work!

I would recommend Matt for youth pitchers. My son worked with him last year. He was able to improve his balance and core strength. With that he also provided him with a repeatable motion that let to better timing and accuracy. My son’s overall body control improved as well. As a father I would recommend Matt. As my son tells me, “He is nice and explains things so I understand them.”
-Mike Moore

My son has been working with Matt Racinowski and Britton’s Bullpen for a couple years.  Britton’s is a top notch facility with highly qualified instructors. Matt is outstanding with the kids. My son always looks forward to instruction days.  Matt is extremely knowledgeable and relates to kids in a way that is easy for them to understand and apply.  My son’s baseball and pitching skills have considerably improved since finding this facility.  We would recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their baseball game.
-Amanda Tullis

Joining us from our Boonville, IN location is Bobby Segal.

Bobby is currently the hitting coach for the Evansville Otters and former manager of Britton’s Bullpen Boonville. In the past 2.5 years at Boonville, Bobby has had the opportunity to work with well over 200 different baseball and softball players in the area over that time. Bobby’s ability to connect with players at all levels and abilities is why Boonville has been so successful. We are very fortunate to have Bobby instructing and managing here at Britton’s Bullpen Fort Branch! Check out Bobby’s Full Bio.

What will an hour of instruction consist of? Our instruction will consist of a warm up, defensive work (limited on space), and of course hitting. We do not just teach players how to swing the bat more efficiently, but more importantly we work with our players on how to hit. We try to instill a positive mental approach that players can take out to the field. The most important thing we have to offer our players is confidence. This is why we are different than most! We understand how difficult the game can be, which allows us to help our students!

We appreciate your patience as we get our feet underneath us these first few months. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Here’s what people are saying about us!

Britton’s Bullpen has played a huge part in the development of our girls’ softball skills.  After attending a camp in December of 2016 at the Boonville location, we knew we wanted to go back.  Bobby Segal and Josh Wetzel are excellent instructors that continuously use new and different techniques to teach athletes what they need to know to get ahead in the sport.
-Kody and Cheri Seiler

An extraordinary opportunity awaits those young baseball & softball players who would like to improve their skills at the newly opened Britton’s Bullpen in Fort Branch. The Manager for the facility will be Bobby Segal. Bobby comes with a strong background in baseball, having played collegiately at the Division 1 level. He has also coached for many years & is currently the Hitting Coach for the Evansville Otters. Bobby has the unique ability to get players of all skill levels to believe in themselves in order for them to get better through hardwork & effort. He interacts so well with the players and gets their buy in to improve. While Britton’s will definitely assist your child in becoming a better player most importantly they will become better teammate’s and a better person in general. So, become a part of Britton’s Bullpen….we promise you won’t regret it!”
-Al Lentz

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